Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Santiniketan Development

The following appeared in the Editorial section of The Statesman, June 22, 2005
It was written by a dear friend of mine, Shyamali, who is also an active resident of beautiful Santiniketan.

Lumpen Development
Sir, The peripheral areas of Santiniketan are now dotted with housing complexes constructed either by a cement company or big-time realtors. They are owned by NRIs and Kolkata's affluent, who come here to enjoy the weekend. The housing boom has denuded the town of its water supply. And the urbanite's way of life is having an adverse impact on the simple students and rural folk.

Prostitution and theft are two major problems in Santiniketan today. If realtors have their way, Lahabandh will soon be converted into an amustemnt park for the new rich. Santiniketaan needs clean air and open space all around. And that is my appeal as an ex-student.

Yours, etc.,
Shyamali Khastigir
Santiniketan, June 12

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