Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Weekend at Ushagram

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USHA means dawn and GRAM means village. Ushagram was developed as a model for rural development in india and besides beng a spiritual center based on the ideals of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, has incorporated a variety of programs to bring self-confidence and training in alternative technologies to the youth and women of surrounding villages.

This photo shows a water filtering system which is used in conjunction with the batik and dyeing center. We also saw the jute production center, handlooms, pickle production site, vermi-composting, bee keeping, rain water harvesting and an organic herb garden.

Ushagram has asked us for help in testing the soil and water for arsenic, a common problem in rural West Bengal. They also hope that they can find new and diversified markets for their jute and batik handicrafts. They always welcome visitors and are looking forward to learning more about sustainable farming practices.

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