Wednesday, November 09, 2005

KARMYOG is what they do...

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I recently found this wonderful little shop that puts your rupees to work in a most meaningful way . If you are in the market for very special greeting cards (Xmas card designs have just been put on the shelves...), wrapping papers, gift bags or boxes or any other paper products, then there is a shop at 12B Russell Street that you must stop in at.

"Karmyog" is a boutique of intricately hand-crafted paper products made by girls who have spent their childhood in welfare homes but who now have to step out in to the world to fend for themselves. The word Karmyog has two parts: "work" and "yoga" so in other words "work as a form of yoga, or path for living." The Karmyog trust offers these young women the means for becoming self-sufficient through vocational training that allows them to earn a living and lead independent and meaningful lives.

Why buy mass-produced and impersonal greetings from Archies (the Hallmark shops of India) when you can both give a gift to a friend and to a girl in need with a purchase from Karmyog?

It certainly feels like good karma to me!

Karmyog Showroom
12B Russell Street
Kolkata 700 071

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