Friday, May 05, 2006

As individually beautiful as the people who create them

Originally uploaded by dalbhat.
These cards were painted by people participating in the Anjali Programme in government-run mental institutions in West Bengal.

ANJALI was born out of a desire to realistically implement some of the recommendatons of the National Human Rights Commission towards improving mental health care and treatment in India. The long-term aim of ANJALI is to create a user-friendly institution that would function as a democractic healing speace for campaign, advocacy, and care of the psychosocially disabled. Its ultimate misssion is to initiate and help implement systemic reforms in the sphere of mental health care and treatment in India.

In addition to these cards, Mustard Seeds has started selling greetings cards by various other NGOs and health organizations which implement card-making as creative therapy and means for employment. Please inquire about purchasing a Helping Hand Variety Card Pack.

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