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Do you still enjoy sending a handwritten letter; thanking someone with a card; or remembering someone on special days?

As a means of support to several smaller NGO producers and artisans here in Kolkata I help design and sell a variety of beautiful handmade greeting cards, postcards, and other paper products. The prices are reasonable and provide motivation to the groups who continue to develop and create new products.

Some of the cards have been silk-screened and hand-painted by Silence, a group that trains and employs deaf and disabled workers. Postcards are prints of original pata village artwork. There are also uniquely hand-painted cards by an organization called Anjali, bringing art therapy to three mental institutions in the city. Other groups include Ankur Kala, Suchana Early Learning Center and Calcutta Rescue.

This past weekend we opened up a small card and gift area in the library. Every item on sale is made by these social welfare groups working here in Kolkata to give people training and employment. Proceeds go straight back to the groups.

If you are in need of Durga Puja or Year-end greeting cards, watch here for some designs, or just inquire by email. There is also an 8 card variety pack available, for a donation of $20 (thanks to everyone who has sent their support so far!)

If you would like to see some of the cards or know of a place where I can sell them, please be in touch.

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