Thursday, September 21, 2006

A real get-away

Emerald Gecko Hut
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We were visiting the Andaman islands for the past five days. We flew into Port Blair from Kolkata which took a little under 2 hours. We went to visit a small cove, which is the only beach on this main island the first day.

The second day, after purchasing our tickets for the boat to Havelock island, we went to see the Cellular Jail built by the British to lock up India's freedom fighters. The jail was later taken over by the Japanese. The galleries and museum were of great interest. Later that afternoon we left Port Blair and made our way to the coasts of Havelock.

Havelock is part of the very beautiful and remote island chain that extends from below Burma and leads into Sumatra. We enjoyed ourselves to no end, staying in bamboo huts, collecting shells, gliding on the huge waves of the Bay of Bengal, and riding an elephant on the beach (the footprints were enormous).

The huge array of trees are part of gorgeous native rainforests and when the monsoon rains would pour down at night on our little thatch roof, I felt exhilarated knowing that this was all that protected me from nature's forces. It sometimes felt like we'd be swept into the ocean when a huge gust of monsoon wind came with the rains.

Despite the tropicalia, this environment actually reminded me several times of childhood summers spent at Crystal Beach on good old Lake Erie.


Yukio Irie said...

Long time no see, Ms. Maura!
I am very happy to know that you are acting vivacious in India, which is much different from Japan.

(please correct my englich!)

Bessie said...

Wow, I've been wanting to see photos of your trip. Its beautiful, what an adventure. Also, noticed the photos of the garden on Flickr, its gorgeous!! I'm working on fixing up a common space at our community garden, and I'm inspired by what you've done!


Tracey said...


A_N_Nanda said...

Hi dal bhat,

Hope you enjoyed the place. I was there for almost three years between 1995 and 1997. So enchanting was the place I just turned a poet there. A few of my poems are in my blogs (link given below). I am also trying to publish a short story collection (self-publication) where all my plots would be set in the islands.

Thanks a lot. Your post kindled memories of my peaceful days of the islands.