Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day 2007 at Mustard Seeds

Earth Day 2007 at Mustard Seeds
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It was a nice day at MSeeds Library yesterday. First Karuna arrived with her new picture scroll on 'the problem of plastics," which I had asked her to paint. She found this to be a difficult topic, and asked her son to help her paint it too. The results were folksy depictions on an issue that strikes a real serious chord in me – littering. The pata features scenes of people at the tea stall, people in cars and buses, on trains littering plastic from the windows, and people burning plastics not knowing anything about the dangerous dioxins they release into the air. There is also a crocodile trying to swim away from a load of plastic that is floating in the water.

Our April display highlighted some of the best books on environment. One member, Momo, came in with a great poster on reducing consumption and proper disposal of trash and another smaller boy told me that he had cleaned up one small area of our campus so that he could make a secret clubhouse there. Children made magazine beads and worked on their blog. When everyone left, Bapu finished up his foresty Earth Day mural which he has been painting on the wall of the verandah. Malini and I made two Earth Day cakes for her class, now studying rainforests. It was a magically spontaneous Earth Day for our little community


Anonymous said...

I would like to taste that Earth Day cake! - Mary-mashee

poof said...

I went to earth day hiking to Kibune with the members of JEE. It was a great day and gave me a great feeling to do thing with people to cerebrate this day hoping our earth will healthy and clean forever with us and for us. I am happy to know here and there in Kolkata we cerebrated this day together although we live in different places. Oh, yes. I missed the cake. Ne?