Friday, November 23, 2007

Lines of Communication

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This Thursday at Shikshamitra we had a guest named Yuuki Uehara visit us. Yuuki works as a freelance illustrator and is deeply interested and experienced in community development. He and the children got to know one another by asking questions in English and through simple line drawings.

The kids asked Yuuki where he lived and he drew a picture of his little country house back in Japan, with orange orchards in the back on terraced mountains.

Yuuki's session

He swiftly drew a razor and his own head in the bathroom mirror when they asked him why his head was completely bald.

After interacting, all the students did simple black line drawings to express something to Yuuki about their own lives. Communicating through pictures turned out to be the theme of the session, though we didn't know that until we ended.

And THAT, my friends, is the nice thing about alternative learning!

Lines of communication


glennis said...

nice inspirational post- thanks!
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Muriel said...

perfect learning, great post.
The pix the kids have done are also very expressive, very revealing.
Thanks for sharing.

earpopt said...

beautiful in every way!

brenda said...

I love this, communication by drawing!