Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Painting walls and learning

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This wall and a few of the others in this flat were part of an experiment to see if one possibility for our students might be painting murals as part of the Learn and Earn project!

The principal at the school found that her walls were getting dull and gray and she came up with the idea that the kids could go wild with their artwork like we did at school. Needless to say, it can take a bit of courage to let a group of 20 kids come into your flat with paint dripping from their brushes dying to get a panel!!

Of course, the children enjoyed themselves to no end and really brought the project together once they figured out the purpose of the mural and the technique that worked best. The designs were in their minds and came out with earnestness.

As adults, though, I think we learned the greater lesson in this process: the importance of letting go of our preconceived notions and limits and allowing the children (finally) to express themselves in a totally organic way. There were a few panic points -- but it all turned out so bright and meaningul. You know that when the teachers are also being challenged and learning...that real education is taking place!

NOW we are looking for a real wall outside to cover with our designs!! Spruce up a neighborhood and create some brightness on the streets of Kolkata!


jude said...

looks great! we used to do this at home when i was growing up

glennisd said...

isn't that the case! I am always surprised at what I learn from THEM!

The real beauty of teaching...also figuring out the best way to reach them in the time allotted.

by the way- i don't think i got your address for the pay it forward exchange-will you send it to me?

tik-tiki said...

glennis-i cannot see how to send my address to you!! i am at mseeds.maura@gmail.com: can you write me and i can reply. i'm not too high-tech...