Friday, August 15, 2008


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Last week we started a small eco-club for my daughter's class. We only have about six members right now but in fact it is really nice to work with such a small, eager group. And as they say in the world of environmentalism, "Small is Beautiful!"

We brainstormed eco-vocabulary and related all the words to each other and then we listened to a poem about how seeing birds makes one feel at peace with the world. After that we made small notebooks out of recycled paper and decorated them with these eco-stamps.

Each week, one of the children will do a presentation on a famous environmentalist or environmental movement - explaining what that person did or does to be kind to the planet or what people are doing as a group. The list includes the following (and I'd love some more ideas if you have them as I would like to have eco-representatives from around the world):

Jane Goodall / Roots and Shoots
Chipko Movement
Wangari Mathai
Sunderlal Bahagunaji
Julia Butterfly Hill
Rabindranath Tagore
David Suzuki
Vandana Shiva
Pete Seeger
Masanobu Fukuoka
Chief Seattle
Rachel Carson
Not in My Backyard
Severn Suzuki
Critical Mass

Bruno Manser
Indigenous peoples around the world
David Attenborough
Manika Gandhi

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Chintan said...

You might find some of these books useful:

Forever Friends by Feisal Alkazi and Neeta Gangopadhya (Pratham)

The Whispering Palms by Deepa Gangwani and Tina Suchanek (Orient Blackswan)

Grandfather Goes On Strike by K. S. Nagarajan and Neeta Gangopadhya (Pratham)

Wonder in the Woods by Meher Marfatia (Rupa & co.)