Friday, January 16, 2009

Help to Build a Permanent Learning Centre in rural West Bengal!

This Christmas and New Year we spent time at our friends place just outside of Santiniketan in rural West Bengal. As some of you know, these friends run a school for some of the surrounding villages, it is called Suchana. The program is very dear to my heart and I have taken part in some of the classes and planning over the years. This new year, as I took a beautiful morning walk over to the site where the new school is being built (funds providing), I made a new year resolution to get the word out about this project and raise funds to get the school built before the monsoons.

My first channel is you, my friends and those who have given to the Calcutta 100 Club before. With just $350 we can get the electricity and phone lines connected for the school. This can be done as soon as the money is raised. If we can raise my targeted $1000 through other means and widening our circle of supporters for this particular project, then we can also help to put some roofing over the outdoor verandah spaces, which will double the classroom space.

I know times are difficult, but I can guarantee the worthwhile, progressive work being done here. I am asking you to put on your thinking caps for ideas and/or give a minimal amount on your own if possible. If you can think of ways to raise money through schools, kids groups, offices, churches, bake sales, creative projects, etc. I think we can really make a significant change in this village through our combined efforts -- and I will be happy to take you there for a visit when you visit!

Again, it doesn't have to be anything too grand. I've seen that with a little bit from many, good things happen can happen – quickly. And the neat thing is that we can say that, TOGETHER, we helped create a more just, more creative, more caring learning environment for these children.

Send me an email if you don't understand any part of this I tend to be very confusing, I know. Or if you want to brainstorm fundraising possibilities. My sister, Margo Baker, is collecting the money (checks made out to me which are deposited there and taken out in cash here) and keeping track of donations in the US. This information is on the Calcutta 100 Club form/School building info sheet which I can email you upon request. There is a postal transfer account in Japan and the school has a trustee fund in the UK (email me for details).

1. US • Check payable to: Maura Hurley
Send to: Margo Hurley (Calcutta 100 Club)
285 Brewer Hill Road
Batesville, AR 72501-5228
Mark ‘Calcutta 100’ in memo space

2. JAPAN • Please send by postal transfer to
The account:
mustard seed, japan
Mark ‘Calcutta 100’ in memo space

3. UK • Post a cheque made out to 'Friends of Suchana' to :
Friends of Suchana
Clare's Forstal / Throwley Forstal / Faversham / Kent ME13 0PJ
* UK tax payers should ask Angela to send them a Gift Aid form so Suchana gets a 28% tax rebate on the donation:

I am putting this out there...with a hope for a new learning centre to sprout up in one of my favorite places, Khanjanpur Village! From there, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks always,

PS: More information (such as building updates, newsletters, photos, etc. can be provided if needed for a board or display)


Jermaine said...

Maura! I found you! I visited with you several years ago when I was working with different artisan groups all over India. Send me an email (I am hoping this gives you my address), I would love to chat more and hear about what you have been up to!

jan in nagasaki said...

i sent your sister a letter yesterday.....

tik-tiki said...

hope you see this, jermaine...i don't have the email address through this it seems.

you can get me at mseeds(dot)maura(at)gmail(dot)com

tik-tiki said...

thanks so much, jan.
i am taking donations to suchana this weekend!


tik-tiki said...
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