Sunday, September 06, 2009

Our annual gift of rice to Basha

MSeeds again
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An update is needed on some of the recent fundraising and giving Mustard Seeds has done with the help of friends in Japan and the US:

This photo is a receipt showing our second annual donation to cover the purchase of rice at BASHA school. The money came from sale of handicrafts in Japan and donations received by well wishers. Basha runs on a pretty low budget but believes that providing a nutritious meal each day offers more than just an incentive to attend, it offers a chance at good physical and mental health too. They do not want to scrimp on the lunches provided to children every afternoon. I visited Basha in early August and was happy to see how big all the kids are becoming -- and smart too!

Also from funds collected in Japan, we were able to pay for new crutches for Ashok Sarkar who often visits our home in Salt Lake, and for Karuna Chitrakar's second eye surgery.

Thanks also to the Portland International Gourmet Society (PIGS), who raised money for Mustard Seeds at one of their monthly gourmet gatherings! This money will go toward Shikamitra's Learn and Earn Program.

Ashok Sarkar

And for those who gave to the Calcutta 100 Club effort to help get the new Suchana building up and running, here is the latest photo from Kirsty and Rahul! It's looking great and reports have it that there is a flurry of activity at the new school! I hope to be visiting very soon for a first-hand view!

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