Thursday, November 05, 2009


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This week I visited Anandneer to purchase some of their paper products for an upcoming holiday bazaar. I was very excited to see the beautiful, well-organized workshop and other facilities at this bright space located in South Calcutta.

Anandneer is an initiative of the REACH school, developing training and employment opportunities for a very talented group of mentally and physically challenged artisans. The organization seeks to provide security for those students who have graduated from the school and are moving onto independent livelihoods.

Some of the beautiful products being made here include wrapping paper, shopping bags, and envelopes. I got a very nice demonstration of the printing techniques used to design the wrapping paper.


Anonymous said...

The stuff is gorgeous.
Maybe we could do something like that at One World next time you come?
I'd like to purchase some stuff too, how would one go about that?

tik-tiki said...

this year i used the beautiful paper Anandneer makes with old newspaper. it makes so much sense to wrap with newspaper and the pieces are gorgeous. i will bring this next time i come.

making wrapping paper is a nice idea. it would need to be a bit simplified as they have a big studio with huge work spaces to create such fantastic work!