Sunday, October 24, 2010


During the week from 27 September to 1 October, 2010  Mustard Seeds conducted a used clothing drive at Calcutta International School. We had great help from Mrs. Pratima Nayar, Lee Ann Merrill, and Joydev Das who took charge of the whole operation by helping to set up the collection centre and make sure that donations were cleared from the school on a daily basis.   CIS students, Joselyn, Malini and Rahul helped a lot with carrying the bags out of school and sorting.  

Bundles and bundles of used clothing, still in good condition, came in each day with the help of the entire CIS school community.  These were then carried out of school, taken home, and sorted in specific bundles for WOMEN, YOUNG WOMEN, GIRLS TOPS, GIRLS SLACKS, MEN, BOYS TOPS, BOYS TROUSERS, BABIES, ETC. to make distribution more straightforward on the receiving end.  Lastly, a big thanks to Lalu for driving all the way from Santiniketan and back to help us with the distribution! 


 The clothing was then sent by truck to Suchana Community School in Khanjanpur Village (W. Bengal).  Donations of clothing for teens and older people were also made to Prabartak Home in Salt Lake.  More children's clothing is also being sent to Belun village and Shikshamitra school.  There was such a large amount that we decided to spread it around wherever we felt it could be useful.

As you can see from the beautiful note and photos we received from SUCHANA (see below), the clothing was well received and it seems our efforts made a real difference to the children and families in the Suchana community.  Don't they look grand in their 'new' clothes!

Thank you to everyone who made this effort a success.  Hopefully we can make the Puja Clothing Drive an annual event at CIS!

 Note from Kirsty at Suchana:

“We spent a happy morning on 24th October giving out 230 sets 
of clothes to Suchana children and other family members. 
These were collected, sorted and sent to Suchana in an inspiring 
effort by Mustard Seeds-Kolkata and Calcutta International School. 
Teachers spent Saturday making up sets for individual children and 
Sunday admiring everyone's outfits. This was recycling for joy!

Many thanks to all those who donated clothes at CIS, 
and to those who painstakingly helped Mustard Seeds 
with sorting, sizing, and ordering.  
You created a lot of smiley faces today.”

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Nandini said...

hey...wish I knew about it....I have a sackful of clothes lying around and some other friends so too....if you plan to have any other similar drive please let me know....