Friday, April 15, 2011

Please Send Messages of Hope to Japan

message of hope by a student of shikshamitra school

Mustard Seeds has sent off its first packet of messages to Japan with beautiful drawing and simple notes of friendship and love from children in India.  I continue to collect messages for Japan in various forms and let others know that the messages are being received.  You can send a simple postcard or greeting card.

 At the moment I know of two close friends of Mustard Seeds that are helping to get notes from around the world to people in Japan, to offer our support and let them know we care.  They have both asked for our help.  If you would like to, get a group of people and write short notes or make one card that you all sign and get it out in the post as soon as possible.

Mustard Seeds works with Kolkata Seeds-Japan in Nara to provide financial support to schools here in Kolkata that provide education to children from impoverished backgrounds.  They have been extremely supportive and this is something we can now do for them!  Here is the letter we received:

  Dear Maura-san
 Hope you are well. I am sorry that I haven’t talked to you since our phone call. It has been a big disaster in Japan. Because of the atomic power plant, the country is not well we are all worried about our future. Japanese people are uniting together to recover. Chautary is attending an event, Earth Day on 24th and coordinating a fund raising event at the Chautary on 29th. From both of the event, every single yen we receive from people are going to be sent to the disaster areas. I pray for people whom they are affected by this disaster for a long time.

 I have a favor to ask. Could you write messages to encourage people in those disaster areas and sent it to me in Japan?
I would like to have as many messages as possible. I am going to introduce them at the event for fundraising and eventually, I would like to send them to the disaster areas with our money raised. If we can received by 24th, it would be great, but if you can send me by 29th, that’s fine, too.  Please support us.

Thank you,
Etsuko Yamaguchi
5-1-1 Ayameike Minami
Nara-shi, Nara-ken 631-0033   JAPAN 

2) KAYOKO NADAMOTO worked with me at the Japan Environmental Exchange and Green Action in Kyoto.  We both worked together on anti-nuclear actions in the early 90s.  She has sent this note:

Dear friends,
Hello, how are you?  Hope you all are doing well, busy with your wonderful projects. Please forgive me not contact so often. The time is just flying as like a light.  I am still living in Sandpoint, a small town in north Idaho where Moose, Bears are around.  I am working and studying hard.  Since last month, when the great earthquake hit Japan, my birth place, I have been having hard time to concentrate my life here. I have been so frustrated not being there helping. Last night I made up my mind to do one little thing. I'd like to introduce and invite you if you want to join. I wrote a letter to all my friends, people I know around here and the world.  Please give me a minute to read the letter. I wish you my best and enjoy your life.
Peace from Kako (Kayoko Nadamoto)
Here is the letter:

Dear Friends,

As you know, yesterday is the one month anniversary of the great earthquake & Tsunami that hit in north eastern Japan. I have received a letter from a friend who lives in Sendai city, where one of the city that affected strongly by the quake. I am so happy to learn that she is doing all right. I sent her a little card a day after the quake - not fancy just a simple card. She wrote me back that my little card that only saying “Are you OK?”, made her so happy and gave her a hope to live.  I have been thinking what I can do for people in my birth country beside sending a little money.

My friend in Sendai doesn’t use a computer. I found that there are a lot of people who don’t use a computer in Japan (especially elderly people). There are millions of web sites that give them messages and news goes through online. But I have to realize that those messages reach only people who knows (or have) computer.

I’ve got an idea what I can do.  I’d like to collect written messages.  IF YOU WANT TO send a word to Japan, write your short message on a sheet of  a paper. If you have a group of people who wants to join this, make a card (doesn’t need to be fancy) and let your friends to write a word on your card.

For those who don't live close, please mail it to me. I will translate each of your messages into Japanese, and write it beside your message on your paper (or card).  I am planning to go to Japan in Mid May. I’d like to collect many messages as possible. So I can bring messages and send it to Sendai.  I am sure, your message will give people a hope and a strength to go through this difficult time of their life.

Here is my mailing address:
Kayoko Nadamoto
P.O. Box 2582, Sandpoint, ID 

Thank you,


Lastly, I'd like to draw your attention to this blog called Drowning Hearts at Lady River which clearly shows the devastation but also shows a simple, beautiful gesture to help people.  

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Roger Vincent said...

My heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy. Here is a poem I wrote.

Japan Earthquake - 11th March 2011

I feel a lump swell in my throat,
what's this broadcast we're receiving.
Never seen such pain and loss,
I feel a country grieving.
We saw their lives disappear,
thousands of people, we all wept.
Lovely towns and farmland gone,
we saw by the sea were swept.
First was the quake, than a flood,
then came the snow like a curse.
In all the earth was found none
but God alone could make it worse.
Souls now gone and left this life,
drift into the atmosphere.
We can not go where they reside,
souls that now are far from here.