Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CALCUTTA 100 CLUB: Please help us recondition a friend's home

Some of you have signed up for our Calcutta 100 Club project.  The idea is that we get 100 people to donate just a small amount of $10 each time when a specific project comes up that we feel could easily be funded with the strength of our group.  The C100C appeals are usually very personal projects where I see that a $150-$300 could really benefit someone. We welcome new members and if we go over our goal, money is automatically put into the next project.

This time I'd like to ask your help in reconditioning the home of one of our young library members.  Bittu attends our Sunday library sessions.  His father lives elsewhere to earn money.  His mother lives in Bihar and his grandfather runs a business out of their home in the complex where I stay.  "Dadu," the grandfather irons clothing for all the people in our complex and Bittu helps by delivering the clothes when they are ready.  They live in a very small, temporary dwelling in the park. For quite some time, we have been talking about a few repairs and reconstructions we could help out with.  The idea is to set a few rows of brick at the bottom, build up with bamboo, cover with plastic tarps and then add woven bamboo walls so that the structure is a bit more sturdy and warmer than it is now.  We estimate this will cost about Rs. 8,000 - 10,000 (approximately $170)

If you would like to donate $10 or more to help make Dadu and Bittu's home more comfortable for the coming cold, the best way is through paypal.  If you don't have paypal there are other ways -- Please email me for details if you'd like to participate: mseeds.maura@gmail.com

For me, small-scale is still beautiful and your continued support always means so much to me.   I look forward to showing a photo of their home after the work is finished.

Thank you! Thank you!

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