Friday, August 12, 2005


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This is a project we are trying to start at SASHA to get small producers a better market in the city. The first one is on Sept. 2-3-4. So far, some nice groups have been lined up to sell jams,pickles, peanut butter, fruit juices, etc.

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Monkeymark said...

That sounds wonderful! I always find it exciting to hear about the ways small individual producers can connect with consumers.

Here in the USA we have farms that participate Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. In our city, Philadelphia, we pay can a subscription fee to a small farm outside the city and get a share of fresh organic produce each week. Most farmers have people subscribe before the growing season. This gives them a nest egg to start the year. And it assures them of a group of customers before they plant. And since the food is delivered to drop-off points in local communities, it becomes a way to connect with neighbors as well.

As consumers, we get great, healthy, food at a good price and a connection to the people who grew it and the place it was grown.

good luck!