Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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Article 9 of Japan's present Constitution states the Renunciation of War but it is currently in danger of being amended to take up arms. This is something that worries many Japanese people who have always been in support of remaining a neutral country. Creative activism is happening throughout the islands to protect this anti-war clause.

Recently my friend Yoshiko, a peace activist in Japan, wrote to ask for children's drawings from India for the Peace Art Exhibition to be held in April in Nara.

I decided to take Yoshiko's request and her message of peace to the school I volunteer at, called SHIKSHAMITRA. We did three discussion / art sessions with different age groups and some very wonderful thoughts and drawings came out of each. The children, many of whom cope with difficult domestic problems, were enthusiastic about envisioning a more peaceful environment.

"Arms do not ever protect a nation or its people..."

This exhibition is an opportunity for people all over the globe to think about Peace and Japan's Article 9.

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